Website Hosting

Server Reliability

When it comes to website hosting you should ask one question. “What is your uptime percentage?” A web host’s uptime percentage is the amount of time they are able to keep your site on the web without interruption. It is a laborious and difficult task to maintain a reliable web-hosting environment. At Bunting Group we host our web services on a server that belongs to us. We maintain a server uptime of 99.5% or greater. Bunting Group is directly involved with uploading your site, set up your email accounts and bringing you outstanding uptime at incredible savings. We can bring you these services for less than $40 a month, and that includes web traffic statistics! If you are fairly web savvy and want to do it yourself visit our domain shop for real savings and some pretty amazing web tools.

Efficient tech support

The other advantage of hosting your site through us is the increased efficiency in making any changes to your site. Since we are skilled and familiar with the processes on our servers; changes to your site, e-mail, and e-commerce structures can be executed with greater efficiency and reliability than if you have to wade through multiple help lines trying to track down the origins of a problem. The Bunting Group is your central point of contact and the accountable party should any problem arise. Instead of talking with an anonymous support technician you deal directly with your Bunting Group contact.