Website Design

A common mistake business owners make when contracting an agency to build their site is to believe that Web Development and Web design can be achieved by the same department. Design and Development each utilize a different side of the brain. It is important that your web agency approaches each element from its proper perspective. There is also a third element, the site’s marketing goal. Web development and design will not be enough to meet your marketing goals. Any effective marketing tool must effectively communicate your message to your customers. This goes beyond development and design.

Proper communication is essential in selling your product. In the end the success of your website will not be in the way it is coded, but its marketing message and ability to reach your marketing goals. Your site is going to convince your customers to shop your business. This is accomplished with good copy, brilliant design and easy navigation. All of which are rooted in the necessity to understand your business and brand it with the customer. This is not a task that can be accomplished by developers alone. Bunting Group puts your brand at the top of the list when planning a website. Our sites are well developed as marketing tools not just code.