New Accounts

So you want to sell online. No Problem. We will set you up with the best tools to run online commerce in your business. Whether you are setting up an online shopping cart or integrating your online sales with a full service product storage and fulfillment company, Bunting Group can set it up for you. Depending on your size and requirements we can build fully custom e-commerce systems or install open source or third party solutions that can get you the most efficient and cost-effective solution to selling your products online.

Existing Cart Modification

There are many e-commerce solutions out there. Every one has pros and cons. Chances are your current solution may not have specific features your company needs to grow. We have worked with many of the popular shopping cart and e-commerce solutions like WordPress, X-cart and Paypal and many of the more obscure solutions From Foxycart to Avactis. Bunting Group can help you examine your current e-commerce configuration and determine the best course of action to make improvements to your existing application or show you other options that may be able to better serve your online sales requirements.


Fixing a Broken Cart

Sara Snacker came to us with a half-finished site. She was unhappy with the design of the site and was beginning to think her developers had bitten off more than they could chew. Her entire site was in WordPress, including the cart. While the cart had basic functionality there were many features that were not working correctly.

Sara had used a good portion of their budget for the site and feared they may have to start over. After examining her site and her goals we were able to solve both her development and identity issues. We gave her a design that was slightly retro without compromising the modern creativity that goes into her product. We were also able to save her cart by creating and revealing new functionality and features in her existing cart to meet her specifice requirements.