Agency Support Services

With the ever-changing business structures in marketing today Bunting Group has found a niche supporting successful marketing agencies that no longer find it practical to maintain an internal web department. Our flexibility and consistent evolution with internet trends allows us to fill in any gaps in your marketing program. Whether you just need development of approved designs or an SEO strategy for sites you have developed we can provide the services you need under your agencies identity. Our experience can open new income venues with your client as you improve their online capabilities.

Some of our most popular support services include;

Complex Database Development

Procedural and Object Oriented PHP

Dynamic Content

Database Driven Content

-Dealer locators
-Product selectors
-Article/ press databases
-Social networking
-Product reviews

Custom interactive components


Content Management Systems (CMS)


Web Assessment

-Onsite SEO
-Current brand or product online perception
-Current Social media Marketing saturation

Google Analytics

Search Engine Marketing