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Web Pages You Didn’t Know You Had.

Your business is hereYour Company’s ‘Other’ Webpages

Chances are there are multiple web pages online today that are dedicated to describing your business. Pages you don’t even know about. And, these pages are the first places your potential customers may visit to learn about your business or service.

Need an Example?
Go to and type in your business name. See your business? Now click the ‘more info »’ link. Look at that, a web page owned by Google and devoted to your business. Like it or not this is a reflection of your brand, available to everyone using google maps. And this is just one of many sites that do this.

The New Consumer Search

Your company is being reviewed

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, users are starting to prefer uniform search and information formats that summarize, describe and even rate businesses.  They believe they are getting “objective” information. Without your input these sites will have the basic information one would find in a phone book and any comments or ratings visiting users may have left. These pages allow the possibility of misinformation and unchecked negative feedback which can damage your online reputation.

Now The Good News…

Luckily you have some input. Most of these listings allow you to add detailed company information, products, services, photos, even coupons! By controlling the content you can turn these pages into assets that help build your brand the way you want to build it, and capitalize on these one-way links to your site. The more sources you have sending the same message the better your chances of building a consistent brand message, and the better your chances your prospect will end up at your site.